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Book Review: All In

All In

By:  Amanda Carlson

Publish Date:  November 17, 2014

Format:  eARC

Genre:  Paranormal Romance

Series:  5th in Sin City Collectors world; 1st Book ~ Aces Wild, 2nd Book ~ Queen of Hearts, 3rd Book Ante Up, 4th Book ~ Dead Man's Hand

Recommendation:  A creative pair matching to heat the souls.

Welcome to Vegas. Home of the Sin City Collectors. The job description is easy: Bring the offending supernatural in to the Boss and don’t ask any questions.

Ginger Elliot is a succubus on the run. She’s in danger of being Collected, but her first priority is to find her brother. Even though she operates the biggest spy network in the supernatural world, it may not be enough to free her from the crimes she’s been accused of committing. It doesn’t help that she hasn’t fed in months, and keeping her deteriorating condition from the sexy shifter who’s accompanying her is getting trickier by the hour.

Luke Jones is on a mission to save the succubus he’s fallen for—not only from her brother—but from herself. The two have been on the incubus’s trail for weeks and finally have him backed into a corner. Luke knows the succubus is in trouble, but he has no idea how to help her. In the end, letting go of his painful past is the only way he can save her.

What’s Collected in Vegas, stays in Vegas...

First Sentence:
"We're officially off the grid." Luke Jones tossed his cell phone onto the bed.

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Amazon  /  Barnes & Nobles

My Thoughts and Summary:
Luke and Ginger have been on the road over three weeks now, searching and chasing her brother. Ginger feels they have Damien with his back against the wall in this cave, and he's got one end game. Luke is now on the Sin City payroll, his application accepted when he left with Ginger. Ginger is physically slowing, hiding it from Luke because she hasn't "feed" in over six months. She has to be careful not to touch the attractive Luke. She's falling for him and he for her. However Lukes past with incubi is not a pleasant memory. At all. They both will face pasts they don't want too, and accept it as a past and those people are not the view of a whole race's or the world's. But they will have to accept it before it kills them.

Ginger is organized and resourceful. She has to be to have created such a detailed underground network in buying/selling information. However, Ginger has a flaw. Ginger doesn't like what she is or how she has to survive. She knows her brother doesn't either... or does she? She's a succubus. Ginger is a nice addition to the variety of a world we have here.

Luke... hmm. What to say about Luke? I liked him the best here. He's calm and collected. He is also determined and knows what he likes and wants. He's the calm and patient man that Ginger needs. Luke does seem like the perfect man in all aspects here. (When we get from Gingers POV, and even thoughts of his own when we see his POV.) He's strong and organized too.

The story is these two working through what they have grown up thinking to come to a point where they can accept themselves and maybe each other. Before it's to late. Oh Damien. Grrr. We get to see him face to face as well, if only for a minute. What a... well, after the ending of Ante Up, we catch up with him.

Oh! We meet a new character here. And we have to be seeing him in the future. I am curious and would like to see him.

I've mentioned the end of Ante Up. Do you have to read it before this story? No, you don't. There is a connection but the story does not rely on it and doesn't even tell of the same couple. Each story is a different couple, so you can read at any order you'd like. But if you want to read in time order, then yes.

This story was a lovely one to relax with. And to read Ginger describe how succubi see nature, wow. This story is lovely for me. Ginger, for whatever reason, didn't seem to catch me like the others. The characters both seem rather calm, and I seem to be entranced with hot headed characters. lol. But these two work well together. A perfect match in Luke and Ginger.

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NaNoWriMo 2014

November is here and you know what that means.

NaNoWriMo time!

(Thank you Frodo, @1FantasyFanatic on Twitter and of Frodo's Blog of Randomness for pulling this clip together for me last year.)

I'll be off the grid for the month of November participating in NaNoWriMo. I'll try to do a check in a time or two through the month with updates, but mostly I won't be around. I'll be back in December getting back into the swing of things for the new year.

Usually I do a post of what I've learned the previous year(s) to remember and expand on for this year. This year I'm doing it a little different...

I'm going to do things a little different for NaNo this year. (If this upsets any NaNo-ers, then I'm sorry.) I've got three very basic stories started that I WANT to get re-written and fixed up. I want to learn from each story and make it better than what I had started with. So for NaNo this year I'm doing re-writes - NaNo-Re-WriMo. Yes it's not the traditional idea but it's what I need to do for myself.

I love the rush and craziness of that first drawing of the story. But I've found I miss a lot at doing that too. I want to fine tune what I have as it's missing scenes and create something to a ground zero draft. I figure this would be a great opportunity to focus on at least two of these stories.

My goal for the month of November:
-- Finish current read through/re-writes, which includes a few scenes not added in the rush of writing the story. Then re-read it to make sure flows and add a few touch-ups.
-- Read the fantasy story I started. Here I'll make notes as I know there is a LOT to fix and redo. Read and note additions, changes, deletions, blah blah. You know how it goes. There is even a WHOLE leg of the journey I didn't even write! So maybe I can write that? But I need to outline the world and what I need to setup for the end to happen, along with what lines I dropped into space. Then, if I'm lucky and cruising, I can start re-writes on this fantasy! Woot woot. That would be awesome!

So, it's a bit untraditional but what I feel I need to do at this time.

Happy NaNo-ing to all that are diving into the rush of a new (or old) novel.


I've stayed off Twitter and Facebook for a few days earlier this week/last week, intentionally. I didn't want to be reminded of the crazy that's out there. If I do, I'll stop doing this internet stuff right that moment. I want to remember the people I've been in contact with.

I thought of all the amazing people I've worked with. All the authors that are AMAZING. Yes, AMAZING in all caps. The people that are uplifting and fun to talk too. The only crazy is the fun laughing, enjoying each others company you have with friends.

Then one of these wonderful people did an amazing post on Facebook and it made me feel better (not because I was linked but with the point). She's right. And I want to support this, in supporting AUTHORS and BLOGGERS THAT ARE AMAZING.

First, thank you for the kind mention Seleste deLaney. You are awesome and I love you. **hugs** This was the kind of post I needed to read right now.

Seleste is one of the many authors I've worked with that is amazing. I have to admit I think I have been blessed with the authors I've worked with. They are all calm, collected, and amazing in helping me with my ventures in books and writing. Truthfully, if the authors I talk to and read weren't such a friendly crew, I'd not be going to Balticon each year. Or even doing this blogging thing. They make ME feel comfortable and wanted.

How have I been so fortunate? I don't know, but I'm thrilled to say so. So with that said, please check out my review page listed by author. There is a bit of everything for everyone here, and they are all awesome, amazing people and writers.

To name a few that have helped me in writing...

-- I will mention Seleste and Skyla Dawn Cameron. They couldn't be bigger cheerleaders for me when I started NaNoWriMo. Skyla is still waiting for words from me. *sigh*
-- I also have to mention Starla Huchton. This woman has inspired me to try writing anything and is still pushing me for words.
(okay, I might be a bit shy about sending words to anyone.)

These three stick out in my mind at the moment with NaNoWriMo starting in a few days. I know there are many MANY more authors that have helped me and have been a wonderful drive to cheer me on in writing.

I have to remember all the amazing out there to keep going. And these ladies are the starts of that thinking for me. Thank you.

To name a few bloggers that I feel I've been with since day one...

-- Melissa of Books and Things - Melissa has been a friend here since...well, I think pretty close from the starts of the blog. lol. She supportive and always fun to talk to, and read her reviews.
-- Blodeuedd of Book Girl of Mur-y-Castell - Oh Blodeuedd, we have such fun. With our wild imaginations, flash fictions, and the books we read. We have similar tastes and read both UF and Fantasy reads. :)
-- Ryan of Wordsmithonia - First, if it wasn't for Ryan, I wouldn't be blogging. I met him at Barnes & Nobles forums several years back and he took the flying leap to blogging first. Then I followed. Ryan has been a kind person to talk to for years now. :)
-- Melliane of Between Dreams and Reality - Oh Melliane. She is one of the kindest souls I've come across on the internet. Melliane found me when she started blogging, I think. And I love sharing books with her. We each find something different, and they all sound so amazing!

Again, this is just a few of the amazing people I follow on the blog-o-sphere. And, again, I feel those I read and talk too (bloggers and authors) are ALL well worth a look. They are amazing people, and that's what I want to remember in the world.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Cover Reveal: Mystery Night

Ghosts for Halloween?!? Yes please. Thank you!

Woot woot! I'm THRILLED! to share this new cover with you all. Krista D. Ball has been on my list for a few series and books that I neeeeed to have. And this makes me happy to share a cover and blurp for the next Spirit Caller story coming our way.

Are you ready? I know I am!

Mystery Night
Spirit Caller #4
By:  Krista D. Ball
Due Out:  December 15, 2014

In the fourth installment of the Spirit Caller series, Rachel finds herself investigating a ghost's murder and his accusations cause her to dig into the pasts of the dead and the living to uncover the truth. Only, all roads lead back to the same horrible place: her elderly neighbour's doorstep.

Yep. I'm excited! I NEEEEED TO KNOW!!!

I loved the first three stories. The first three were novella lengths, but this one is a short novel! Woot woot!

Curious about the first three? I'll share the covers and descriptions with you. (you'll have a bit of time to get through them for the fourth books release.)

Spirits Rising
Rachel Mills has one wish in life: for the spirit world to shut up and leave her alone. She thought her move to a remote fishing village in Northern Newfoundland would help.

Population: Twenty. What could go wrong?

Instead of peace, however, she relocates to a land of superstitution, the air alive with the presence of others.

When a local teenager accidentally summons the spirits of the area, including those from a thousand-year-old Viking settlement, all supernatural breaks loose. As the spirits stalk her and each other, Rachel finds herself in over her head. With the help of Mrs. Saunders, her 93-year-old neighbour, Rachel has to put aside her own prejudices long enough to send the spirits back to rest, or risk being caught in the midst of a spirit war.

Dark Whispers
A rash of teen suicides shakes the remote Newfoundland village that Rachel Mills calls home. As Rachel helps the school investigate, painful memories from her past – events she’d worked very hard to forget – continue to resurface.

As if she didn't have enough problems. Her beloved 93-year-old neighbor develops heart problems. The man Rachel's in love with, moves into her house--along with his girlfriend, the most perfect woman in creation. And a strung-out wreck of a woman claiming to be Rachel's biological mother shows up on her doorstep. But it isn’t until a local boy with a talent for spellwork, is attacked by a mysterious stranger that Rachel asks the question she’s avoided her whole life: how powerful can a Spirit Caller like herself become?

Knight Shift
After a lifetime of running away from spirits, Rachel Mills finds herself chasing them. Someone or something is harassing Manny O'Toole, a local teenage spellcaster.

To complicate things, a mysterious man arrives in town. So naturally Rachel has to find out who and what he really is. Provided she can sneak away from Mrs. Saunders, her 93 year old neighbour, a local senior and troublemaker.

On top of it all, Rachel’s made a decision about Jeremy, the secret love of her life. It’s time to have a chat.

Do you need to catch up on the series? Easy enough! Here are links to the books and the collection book with all three in:

The first book, Spirits Rising, is FREE!

And there's a collection of all three together:

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Book Review: Haunted


By:  Amanda Bonilla

Publish Date:  October 9, 2012

Publisher:  NYLA Publishing

Format:  eBook, 48pgs

Genre:  Urban Fantasy

Series:  1.5 Novella in Sentry of Evil series; 1st Book ~ Vengeance Borne

Recommendation:  Oh yes. Lovely little read in the world of Sentry of Evil. Little bit of love and a haunting.

A short story from the Sentry of Evil world…

Working on a TV special about one of McCall, Idaho’s legendary “haunted” hotels isn’t exactly how production assistant Alyssa Shaw wants to spend her weekend. But when the hotel’s handsome caretaker finds her outside at night, Alyssa forgets all about ghosts and her annoying boss.

Alec Bailey knows a thing or two about the supernatural world and its dangers. When the local news crew shows up to do a piece on his hotel, he knows he should send them away…especially with that unchecked demon lurking on the property perimeter. Supernatural protocol dictates he call in Jacquelyn, McCall’s own demon hunter, but he isn’t ready to say goodbye to the beautiful crew member who reminds of a time in his life long past…

If Alec can’t keep Alyssa from the forest, she’s as good as dead. When she ventures past the iron fence, Alec realizes that he’ll have to defy supernatural law if he’s going to save her. And it may be that defiance, this time, will save him right back…

First Sentence:
"Okay, let's unpack the gear and then everyone can get set up in a room."

Purchase At:
Amazon  /  Barnes & Nobles

**I read this story for my own enjoyment.

My Thoughts and Summary:
Alyssa is a production assistant in a crew filming a supposed haunted hotel as a highlight story for Halloween. Alyssa feels the need to leave her room and go for a walk late at night as her boss and the anchor-woman are busy rattling the walls. Before she gets to the woods Alec stops her. There is something dangerous out in the woods that will kill. There is a familiarity between the two as well, but neither knows the other feels it.

To me this is a blend of spooky-sweet. What's out there in the woods, nasty. Not good out there. But Alec and Alyssa, sweet. Kind of a Val-oween?

This novella takes place not long after the first book, Vengeance Borne, of furies attacks. Jacquelyn has her hands full with the after affects but she shows up briefly here. We see Jacquelyn briefly here as she is hunting what is in the woods.

The news crew don't seem to find the ghosts they are looking for, but what's out in the woods is much more dangerous. Alec does his best to protect the guests by boarding up all the exits except the front door, to keep them from the woods. It almost works.

Alec and Alyssa both have a common feeling of familiarity and attraction for each other, neither know the other feels this way. As if they'd meet before. This is something that I wish was explored a little more, but was so sweet in this novella. We get the view from Alyssa and Alec to get the full feel of the thoughts and attraction. I hope we get a chance to see these two again in the novels at some point, I'd like to know them a bit better.

I will say I had my suspicions of Alec, you read you'll understand. I was kept in suspense of him and his being and rules for the story. I had to know more about him. In the end, I got them.

Do you need to read Vengeance Borne to read this? No, I don't think so. These two characters are not in Vengeance Borne. But you won't know the town and what Jacquelyn's job is. You'll deduce it from this story. There are no major spoilers of the first book here though, or so I thought.

After reading this, I wanted to watch High Spirits again. Do you know that movie? A movie from 1988 with ghosts and a castle. Was cute and fun. I think if you enjoyed the movie, you'll enjoy the quick story.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Book Review: Rusted Veins

Rusted Veins

By:  Jaye Wells

Publish Date:  October 28, 2013

Publisher:  Orbit

Format:  eBook, 52pgs

Genre:  Urban Fantasy

Series:  5.5 in Sabina Kane series: 1st Book ~ Red-Headed Stepchild, 2nd Book ~ The Mage in Black, 2.5 Short story ~ Violet Tendencies, 3rd Book ~ Green-Eyed Demon, 4th Book ~ Silver-Tongued Devil, 5th Book ~ Blue-Blooded Vamp

Recommendation:  Visit old friends once again. Loved seeing the crew back at work.

Halloween in New Orleans is usually a treat. But for Sabina Kane and the rest of Team Awesome, this year's celebration has its share of nasty tricks. When Brooks's new waitress goes missing, the Changeling asks Sabina to help him find her.

The problem? The missing mage is one of Adam Lazaru's old flames, and having her show up in their lives is giving Sabina heartburn. Plus saving her may also threaten the fragile peace Sabina's achieved for the Dark Races. Luckily for Adam's ex—but unlucky for her kidnappers—Sabina Kane isn't easily spooked.

First Sentence:
Some cities are naturally holiday cities.

Purchase At:
Amazon  /  Barnes & Nobles

**I read this story for my own enjoyment.

My Thoughts and Summary:
Sabina is returning home from her duty filled European trip. A home town that livens up at Halloween, New Orleans. Halloween is just days away. Gighul gets the night away from home and wants to hang with Sabina and Adam, like the old days, at Erron's for dinner. Erron shares news that his concert won't happen on Halloween after what his psychic bassist saw. And Brooks rushes in late with terrible news of a missing waitress who had a date with a vampire two nights ago and hasn't been home since. Brooks is terrified for the girl as she once was into drugs and, well, vampire! Gighul and Adam are ready to go find Candy, but Sabina isn't as gun ho especially after she learns the girl is an ex of Adam's.

I don't want to say to much and give the story away. I enjoy this world and seeing these characters again.

I was a little surprised to see Sabina was living in New Orleans, then not so much with the friends she made here and the thinness of the veil between life and death - with her connections and all.

Sabina. Oh I loved the evil and wicked Sabina. The saucy woman ready to draw her gun and shoot first. Sabina has grown and changed with the position she has inherited. And the people around her have loved her and it shows. Sabina seems to be managing well as head of the Dark Races Cabinet. Sabina has matured! She still has a stubborn streak, but she's learning.

We hear, see, names we are very familiar with. Michael Romulus, Queen Maeve, Rhea, Maisie, and yes Adam. Then we have the one and only Gighul. But there are so many more that are present in this short read. It's amazing how Jaye was able to bring such a cast together in a quick read.

It is so cool to see them all again. To see where they all went and became. They are all still the same feisty bunch we meet but time and life has taken each to a new level in their lives.

Definitely read this AFTER you finish the series up. The first page tells you how it all ends and the way things are now for everyone.

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Sunday Post #68

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimba the Caffeinated Book Reviewer ~ It's a chance to share news ~ A post to recap the past week on your blog, showcase books and things we have received and share new about what is coming up on our blog for the week ahead.


Another week of October has slipped away. Where does the time go? It feels as each year the time slips through my fingers like water. Now, it feels like water rushing down a waterfall. There is no pause before each molecule is gone. It seems crazy!

I did get a few posts up last week. But I didn't get to my emails. I hate that as I am one to respond to emails, and it's been about two months now since I've done so. Maybe this week will be the week I can get to those. Kiddo is done with football now and we aren't doing training this week. So maybe...

I even have a few reviews that I have to write yet as well. And October will be ending soon and November will be here. That means NaNoWriMo! *sigh*

What's Happening in Books:

Current Read:
Edgelanders by Jennifer Melzer (will start this week)

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The Horde by Patrick Scaffido

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YOU can make book 3 possible! Another series ended by the publisher, before it's truly ended. (Book 3 has always been the planned end.)

Flash Fiction (13) by yours truly and links to two friends as well. --- hope you enjoy.

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This is Halloween week, so I've planned two reviews and a cover reveal that follow the theme. ;)

Review:  Rusted Veins by Jay Wells (Tuesday)
Review:  Haunted by Amanda Bonilla (Wednesday)
Cover Reveal:  Mystery Night by Krista D. Ball (Thursday)


Received Last Weeks:


For Review Consideration:

Red Blooded by Amanda Carlson
Goodreads Synopsis:
After Jessica's brother is kidnapped and taken to the Underworld, she will stop at nothing to get him back. But before her grueling training is finished, Jessica's power mixes unexpectedly with the circle and she's dropped into the Underworld without protection or her escorts.

Free Ebooks:
The Goblin Market by Jennifer Melzer
Goodreads Synopsis:
Beyond the Goblin Market lies the remains of a lost and broken kingdom divided by war. The war has been over for centuries, but the kingdoms still stand apart, overrun by a creeping goblin darkness known as the Darknjan Wald. It has been written that only one holds the power to destroy that darkness and reunite the kingdoms, but she has no memory of her former life. 

Meredith Drexler must save her sister, Christina, from the wicked goblin king, Kothar, who has kidnapped the girl in order to convince Meredith to uphold an ancient commitment Meredith doesn't remember making. Sent Upland disguised as a human child, she has no recollection of her former faerie life, or her uncle's promised marriage betrothal to Kothar. 

When she ventures back Underground in search of Christina, every step Meredith takes brings memories of her forgotten past back to the surface. As the pressures of her former life entangle with her quest to save her kidnapped sister, Meredith's predetermined fate is revealed. Will she embrace it, or walk away forever from a life she barely remembers as her own?

Vatican Assassin by Mike Luoma
Goodreads Synopsis:
BERNARD CAMPION'S friends call him "BC." Not that he has a lot of friends. You don't make a lot of friends when you're an assassin. His mission: eliminate the governor of Luna Prime, Meredith McEntyre. His bosses, The Office of Papal Operations: The OPO, tell him she's been sympathizing with the enemy, the Universal Islamic Nation (UIN). His boss? BC works for the Pope. IT'S 2109, a time of war. BC is "officially" assigned as PR man to the Vatican Mission on Luna Prime, the major city on The Moon, as his cover. Just a mild mannered, young, twenty-something priest working for the New catholic Church on public relations. But he's really a weapon pointed at the UIN by the NcC and their Earth based allies, the Universal Trade Zone, the UTZ.

Free Audio Books/Stories:


Reviews to Come:

Ravenwood by Nathan Lowell - a podcast reading of the book
The Secret World Chronicle: The Hunt by Mercedes Lackey & Steve Libbey (in audiobook while at work)
Rusted Veins by Jaye Wells
Haunted by Amanda Bonilla
The Secret World Chronicle: World Well Lost by Mercees Lackey,Steve Libby, Cody Martin, & Dennis Lee
Harlan's Wake by John Mierau
The List by John Mierau
Tales from the Archive: 4 - Wooden Go to Waste by Sandra Wickham
Tales from the Archive: 5 (part 1 & 2) - Those Dark Satanic Mills by Suna Dasi
Soulless by Skyla Dawn Cameron
The Sentinel by Chris Lester
The Muse by Chris Lester
Metamor City: Making the Cut by Chris Lester
Metamor City: Whispers in the Wood by Chris Lester
Dirty Magick: Los Angeles edited by Charlie Brown
A Cursed Bloodline by Cecy Robson